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Happy Crimbo! Life in a Northern Town

Yes, Crimbo is nearly at an end, though the spirit of the day should remain with us at all times. Respect for our fellow humans [Remember: People deserve some amount of respect as a human being; ideas (like religion) do not deserve my respect.], treating others as you would be treated, and generally not being …

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Why Laugh at Religion?

Why not? httpv:// The above video, titled “Laughing at Religion”, was edited together from various sources by FactVsReligion, a very intelligent and funny YouTube user. In the event that you enjoyed the first one, she’s also put together a sequel:

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Nordman: I Lågornas Sken (In the Light of the Flames)

Anyone who decided to examine the music I listen to on a regular basis would probably be mystified as to what kind of music I prefer. During the day while I drive, I usually listen to classical music from the local public radio station, WILL FM. My MP3 player is as likely to have an …

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Don’t Give Up

Once in a while, it’s good to listen to this song. The lyrics are printed below. I’ve always enjoyed Peter Gabriel’s work, from his years with Genesis to his more contemporary music. httpv://

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What did they say? Mondegreen and Soramimi

This morning I mentioned to someone that I thought we had a communication “breakdown”. We have conflicting ideas about the meanings of a few things. This brought to mind something much more innocuous than the discussion I was having. Misheard Lyrics I’m pretty sure that we can all remember song lyrics that we originally thought …

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Bill O’Reilly is Still Proud of His Ignorance

In a brief pre-recorded interview, Richard Dawkins exhibits little patience for the blow-hard O’Reilly. If it had been me, I’m certain I would have exhibited much less patience. O’Reilly exhibits his complete ignorance of anything to do with science. It is unusual for O’Reilly to have a prerecorded interview rather than doing it live. Dawkins …

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For Several Reasons: Jonathan Edwards – Nova Scotia

When I was growing up in the mid 1970s, I listened to a lot of music. A great deal of that music either belonged to, or used to belong to, my older brothers. As their musical tastes were rather diverse, so were my own. Jonathan Edwards is one of the artists who sticks in my …

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Sarah McLachlan’s Possession: Simply Awesome

There are a couple studio versions of this particular song, and several live versions. This live version is, without a doubt, my favorite. The raw emotion she displays while singing and playing this song is simply awe-inspiring. One other bit that really makes me enjoy it even more is when she describes the song in …

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Cheating on YouTube: HowTheWorldWorks is a fucking bitch.

Thunderf00t does a wonderful job of pointing out the flaws inherent in YouTube’s system. Watch, and enjoy. httpvh:// Yes, indeed. HowTheWorldWorks is a fucking bitch. Funny that it doesn’t surprise me in the least.

Some Representatives Deserve Applause

Representative Alan Grayson is the Democratic Congressman in Florida’s 8th congressional district. He defeated four-term incumbent Republican Ric Keller in the 2008 congressional election, for which he already deserves some applause. Representative Grayson graduated from Harvard College, received his law degree from Harvard Law School, and received his Master of Public Policy degree from Harvard’s …

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