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Can’t take a joke? Confirmation bias too strong?

Cancer Humor on Twitter

I read a blog post today. It was one of several that I took time to look at. This post in particular was made by someone who was angry about something they saw on the Internet. What was it they saw? They read an article from The Onion. For those of you not familiar with …

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Why Laugh at Religion?

Why not? httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiW7prxL-Tk The above video, titled “Laughing at Religion”, was edited together from various sources by FactVsReligion, a very intelligent and funny YouTube user. In the event that you enjoyed the first one, she’s also put together a sequel:

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What did they say? Mondegreen and Soramimi

This morning I mentioned to someone that I thought we had a communication “breakdown”. We have conflicting ideas about the meanings of a few things. This brought to mind something much more innocuous than the discussion I was having. Misheard Lyrics I’m pretty sure that we can all remember song lyrics that we originally thought …

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Humor Always Contains a Grain of Truth

Yes; sad but true.

While Bing is in Japan, there are some things he should see

Heck, there are loads of things that Bing Haubrich should see while he’s in Japan. Don’t forget that he’s still being held hostage, and needs our help to get back! I hope that Bing is taking advantage of some of the livelier aspects of Japan. Might I suggest something like what is shown in the …

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Some things are wrong for all the right reasons

Moot Point - from Dueling Analogs - Copyright 2009 Steve Napierski

I wasn’t aware of what was causing the problem with Twitter late last week, only that there was a problem. Some of you just won’t get it. You might have to have some knowledge of /b/ to truly appreciate the genius of this comic. There are some details on the comic’s original page, Moot Point, …

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Remember that text you shouldn’t have sent last night?

Somebody does. I came across texts from last night a while back, and hadn’t been back for several weeks. It continues to remind me that although some things change (like lots of people texting all the time now), some things never do. Warning: Some of the language may not be safe for work. The way …

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