While Bing is in Japan, there are some things he should see

Heck, there are loads of things that Bing Haubrich should see while he’s in Japan. Don’t forget that he’s still being held hostage, and needs our help to get back!

I hope that Bing is taking advantage of some of the livelier aspects of Japan. Might I suggest something like what is shown in the video below? What you see there is concert footage from 2007 at a performance by Sendai Kamotsu. These guys rock! Note that this is not their primary act. This band is the “alter ego” of a group called Nightmare. They are excellent musicians, and from the looks of the videos that I’ve seen, they have loads of irreverent fun, and so does the audience! I’m a middle-aged American man who doesn’t speak Japanese, and I would go to one of their concerts in a heartbeat!

Yes, that is Egyptian style headgear he’s wearing, and he’s also got a uraeus on his crotch. The following video is part 11 of a 15-part playlist containing the entire concert.


[The video has been removed. I’ll find another one later that fits appropriately to put in its place.]

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