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Mobilizing Stem Cells in St. Louis

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I’m in St. Louis at the moment, having lunch while I wait for another appointment for an injection of Mozobil. It helps to stimulate stem cell production in my bone marrow. Tomorrow will be the first day of pheresis, in which they harvest stem cells. With luck, they’ll get enough of the cells in the …

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First in the Infusion Center for Day 3 of Round 2

I’m at the Infusion area of Carle Cancer Center for the third day of my second round of ICE chemotherapy. The IV drip of saline has started, and I’m ready for 5 or 6 hours of getting rid of the cancer cells. It’s nice to be first in line, but even better to see that …

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Day 2 of Round 1

I’m sitting here getting chemotherapy for the second of three days in a row. I feel fine, and it all seems to be going smoothly. I’ll have two more 3-day sessions like this, at three week intervals. After that, it’s on to the stem cell transplant!