It’s pretty standard to have an About page to fill people in regarding a web site’s purpose. This is that page for this site. This page will also serve as an FAQ list. Since this site is brand new, no one has bothered to ask any questions about it, yet.

What is this web site all about, anyway?

I intend to make this site my primary home on the World Wide Web. There are several places where I have certain information stored or on display, but they are generally for specific purposes. I’d like this site to be more inclusive.

I also intend to make this site open to sharing information, and holding conversations about a wide variety of topics. That’s one of the reasons why I included forums in this site. I’d like for conversations to take place there alongside, and in addition to, the comments sections of specific blog posts.

Who the hell are you?

I’m just this geeky guy living in east central Illinois who’d like to share some of what he’s interested in with the rest of the world.