Remember that text you shouldn’t have sent last night?

Somebody does.

I came across texts from last night a while back, and hadn’t been back for several weeks. It continues to remind me that although some things change (like lots of people texting all the time now), some things never do. Warning: Some of the language may not be safe for work.

The way the site works is that people submit text messages that they’ve received, or series of texts that they’ve exchanged, with the area code of the sender attached to each message. Here are a few of my favorites from the site recently:

(412): as evidence of my kitchen this morning my night involved alot of mustard and condoms

(503): it was the least impressive dick i’ve ever seen… and i’ve changed babies’ diapers.

(602): I just made friends with the guy at the coffee shop in borders. And by that I mean he stared at me until I was uncomfortable and left.

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