What is it with creationists?

What is it with these people that they can’t let go of arguments that have been refuted time and again by respected scientists. Oh, wait. I forgot. That would mean they were wrong, and since they have God™ on their side, they just can’t be wrong.

So many of them think they have The Truth™ on their side (because of their “special book”… or is that “special underwear”? I can never keep that straight), so they can never be wrong.

One Christian gentleman with whom I’ve been having intelligent discussions recently (and he’s a great guy, honestly. I completely disagree with his logic, but he’s still very honest with me, and I with him, and we have intelligent discussions. But I have to bow out when it gets to certain levels of frustration for me, because I value the rapport that he and I have more than I value screaming at him about how wrong I think he is.) presented a logical argument for the existence of God™, and he had this to say about his argument: “if you are really open minded, you will recognize that the logic is inescapable and a steel trap that would convert an open-minded agnostic.” Okay, not to be petty or anything, but who in the blogosphere honestly thinks they’ve come up with their own novel logical argument for the existence of God™, and that said logic is “inescapable”, or a “steel trap”?!?!? Such a person is deluding themselves if they’re truly honest about this.

Then there’s another guy, whose posts I’ve seen in the comments sections of a few different blogs. He’s a god-bot from the word go, and he keeps trotting out the same old tired arguments about irreducible complexity from Michael Behe. It’s been refuted, dude, and by actual competent scientists, not two-bit hacks like Behe.

So to the creationists, god-bots, proselytizers, etc., I have this to say: There is nothing new in your arguments. You’ve been attempting to convert people with the same old tired bullshit for over two-thousand years (in most cases). We’ve heard it before, and telling us the same shit in a different tone of voice is not going to trigger some switch that makes us suddenly realize we’ve been all wrong about this God™ stuff all along. It’s been getting pretty damn old for centuries, and it’s probably best if you give it a rest. We’ve seen/heard/read it. It’s still bullshit, and it still doesn’t matter, and we still do not believe in God™.

Oh, and one other thing that I almost forgot: I’m a fucking atheist, not a whimpy-assed little agnostic. Just because I said I would change my mind about the existence of God™ if empirical evidence were ever presented that supported his/her/its existence does not make me an agnostic. I do not believe in a god or gods. That makes me an atheist. I don’t think god is unknowable, because in order to think that I’d have to think there was something to know in the first place. If you think god is unknowable, then you’re putting god outside known reality, which means god still doesn’t matter.

And to anyone who is offended, or angry that I would speak to/about Christians this way: Fuck off.


  1. Inescapable steel trap my ass. That thing is so rusty from age and misuse that you’d be lucky to get it to budge by jumping up and down on it. Plus, the logical argument your “gentleman” presented was done without any evidence of the premises, so you’re supposed to just follow A to B to C like a good little psych experiment volunteer, and receive your Jesus’ Love cookie at the end of the test for positive reinforcement.

    Bah. Tired of this too.

    • Anon on 2009/08/05 at 18:09
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    May you bountifully enjoy your atheism while you still can.

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