Why Laugh at Religion?

Why not?


The above video, titled “Laughing at Religion”, was edited together from various sources by FactVsReligion, a very intelligent and funny YouTube user.

In the event that you enjoyed the first one, she’s also put together a sequel:

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  1. I love that final image Ted Haggard asking “are you get all this in there” Priceless !!
    He got it all in “there” on quite a few occasions !!!!!

    Superb videos !! Subscribed already !!!

  2. [Originally moderated by the blog owner, this comment is finally allowed, after being held for over a year.]

    Dan, your posting of this stuff simply demonstrates ignorance. Atheists are some of the most religious people I know. Religion is merely a belief system derived from what on believes is ultimate. You believe that nature is ultimate just like the Eastern Religions. Atheism is just another form of an Eastern Religion and nothing more. Atheist make all kinds of assumptions that are unproven and undemonstrated believed on the basis of blind faith…

    Climategate is proving our point that the godless manipulate, corrupt, suppress and create data in order to justify their beliefs. It is part of defending their faith.

    • Mossa on 2009/12/11 at 02:46
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    Already subscribed ^^

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