For Several Reasons: Jonathan Edwards – Nova Scotia

When I was growing up in the mid 1970s, I listened to a lot of music. A great deal of that music either belonged to, or used to belong to, my older brothers. As their musical tastes were rather diverse, so were my own.

Jonathan Edwards is one of the artists who sticks in my mind from that time. The only album I had access to at the time was Lucky Day, a recording from a live performance. Though I purchased more of his work in later years, Lucky Day remained my favorite.

Why this particular video now? Occasionally I find that something that already has meaning for me, gains more meaning in later years, often in unexpected ways.

This song is a part of the memories I have of growing up relatively carefree in the Midwest United States. Jonathan Edwards, being from Minnesota, reminds me that I have family, old friends, and new friends in Minnesota. Those things didn’t apply when I was growing up. This song in particular reminds me as well that I have new friends in Nova Scotia. Again, that did not apply when I was growing up.

Here’s Jonathan Edwards singing Nova Scotia (the song itself starts at about 1:22), bringing a little more meaning to old memories.



  1. Wow this is a feel good song which I would love playing in my ipod during travels.. It’s nice to recall old memories. 🙂

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