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Listen to “Packard Pokes At”

For the past several weeks, I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of a podcast called “Packard Pokes At.” It’s a weekly podcast that covers news, politics, and religion. Each show is about an hour in length. We record the show on Friday evenings at 9:00pm central time. The show is broadcast live on …

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Maynard James Keenan has explained that this song is about his mother, Judith Marie Keenan, who was restricted to a wheelchair for the rest of her life after suffering a stroke. I appreciate the sentiments expressed in the lyrics. I can only hope that as time goes by, more Christians will examine some of the …

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“I love the country but I can’t stand the scene.”

I’m often reminded of how varied people’s exposure to music can be. Twenty years is an eternity in the music industry. Those same years make a gap in musical generations that most people don’t bother to cross. I don’t follow what I refer to as ‘pop culture”, so I don’t really know who most of …

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Happy Crimbo! Life in a Northern Town

Yes, Crimbo is nearly at an end, though the spirit of the day should remain with us at all times. Respect for our fellow humans [Remember: People deserve some amount of respect as a human being; ideas (like religion) do not deserve my respect.], treating others as you would be treated, and generally not being …

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Happy Halloween! – “A Diagnosis of Death” by Ambrose Bierce

For your Halloween enjoyment (or not), I present a short (8 minutes 27 seconds) audio presentation of Abrose Bierce’s short story “A Diagnosis of Death”. Click on the title below to start playback. A Diagnosis of Death by Ambrose Bierce – Read by Dan J The MP3 file is 5.8 MB in size. Feel free …

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