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Jun 26 2015

Marriage Equality!

It’s official!! To all the conservative bigots who tried to stop today from happening. #SCOTUS pic.twitter.com/yk36RZSLnu — Matt Morgan (@Matt7022) June 26, 2015 President Obama looking at Fox News like… pic.twitter.com/7Q13njTL79 — Xavier (@Rev_Xavier) June 26, 2015 Dang, universal healthcare AND gay marriage in America by 2015 pic.twitter.com/tVou0FXMDM — Ryan Broderick (@broderick) June 26, 2015 …

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Jan 06 2015

Kirby Delauter: Clueless Ignoramus

Kirby Delauter, who represents District 5 on the Frederick County, Maryland County Council has provided evidence that he truly doesn’t have a clear grasp of reality. It starts with a newspaper reporter and a brief article. Bethany Rodgers is a reporter for the Frederick News-Post in Frederick County, Maryland. She wrote an article, Shreve raises …

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Dec 31 2014

Why Do These Guys Get A Free Pass?

It certainly isn’t the first time I’ve seen a headline like this: Seating Dispute Delays Another Flight to Israel If these had been Muslim men refusing to sit next to women, they would most likely have been held at gunpoint by the TSA until the FBI arrived to take them into custody. If they had …

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May 24 2014

Virginia county board says no followers of ‘pre-Christian deities’ allowed to deliver prayers

Virginia county board says no followers of ‘pre-Christian deities’ allowed to deliver prayers (via Raw Story ) County officials in Virginia have apparently violated the constitution by designating which religious leaders can deliver prayers before public meetings, according to the state’s American Civil Liberties Union. The ACLU sent a letter Thursday to the…

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Nov 23 2013

Keystone B-1 16mm Movie Camera

Keystone B-1 №006 Aperture Iris

Vintage Cameras Over the past year or so, I’ve been putting together a collection of vintage cameras. I don’t view them as any kind of “investment.” I enjoy cleaning them up and making minor repairs when they need them. They look neat, too. A few of them aren’t really fit to be used any more, …

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Nov 21 2013

Doing and Being

I’ve not blogged in quite a long while. It’s not due to any lack of things I want to write about, certainly. Every day brings something that catches my attention enough that I want to express my thoughts about it. I even start writing posts once in a while, but the drafts never seem to …

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Apr 24 2013

The Tide Has Turned

It was refreshing to read this article at the Rhode Island Public Radio web site this evening: Algiere, Bates join RI Senate GOP bloc in backing bill favored by same-sex marriage supporters. This marks the first time that a partisan state legislative caucus has expressed unanimous backing for a bill in support of same-sex marriage. …

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Feb 12 2013

Misinformation Works; Dangerously So

Yes; misinformation works. Places like Fox News excel at it. Nutjobs like Pam Geller and her ilk have been very successful at promoting fear of anything associated with Islam. They achieve this by simply lying, and playing into the xenophobia already present in many members of the far-right-wing. I follow someone on Twitter named Joe …

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Feb 10 2013

A Mad Rush

It’s not the rush you’d expect. This one happens to be Erik Rush, and I refer to him as mad not because he’s angry, but because he seems to be rather mentally unhinged. My story begins with a blog post by Ed Brayton. Ed’s post is “Rush: The Commies are Coming, Led by Obama!” The …

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Oct 03 2012

Search Engine Bot Verification Woes — Repost

Another article from the 2008 version of my web site continues to receive inbound traffic. I repost the article here in hopes that someone might still find it useful. Again, the information is at least four years old. The Original Article Along with many of you, I have read several articles about "proxy hacking" and …

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