Doing and Being

I’ve not blogged in quite a long while. It’s not due to any lack of things I want to write about, certainly. Every day brings something that catches my attention enough that I want to express my thoughts about it. I even start writing posts once in a while, but the drafts never seem to get to a publishable point.

I suppose I really need to make it a habit to write more. Most of my blog posts consist of my opinions on a variety of subjects, which is fine, but I should take more time to let the world see what I’m doing, not just to know what I’m thinking. Who I am is more than just what’s going on in my head.

I don’t “work” at a job right now, but there are always things with which I occupy my time. I should take the time to share some of those things. What good is it to create if we don’t share our creations?

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