August 2009 archive

Stuff like this is why we can never give up.

This video should serve as a warning to each and every one of us that there are countless people in this world who honestly, completely believe this bullshit. We cannot let this stuff go unchallenged. One YouTube user in particular who challenges this type of nonsense on a regular basis is AndromedasWake. He specializes in …

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I guess I’m still not civil enough. Go figure.

Recently, there have been several posts that I’ve read (even commented on a couple of them) in which the topic of discussion was the continuing saga of whether atheists such as PZ myers are hurting the cause of atheism. How are these atheists hurting the “cause”? It seems that their actions are often seen as …

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Why can’t some Christians understand the concept of “Burden of Proof”?

Burden of Proof. You’ve seen that phrase before, I’m sure. It can be used in different ways, depending on the context. If you happen to be discussing a legal case in the United States, it has a particular meaning. However, in this case I’d like to discuss the term in the context of logical arguments, …

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How Fucking Thick are These People?!?!!?

I simply couldn’t hold my tongue any longer. I had to type it up for all to read. I recently read a blog post from a Christian’s blog. The post was entitled “PROOF that GOD EXISTS!” I found my way there from the author’s comments on another blog post, Why don’t atheists just shut up …

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What is it with creationists?

What is it with these people that they can’t let go of arguments that have been refuted time and again by respected scientists. Oh, wait. I forgot. That would mean they were wrong, and since they have God™ on their side, they just can’t be wrong. So many of them think they have The Truth™ …

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