Stuff like this is why we can never give up.


This video should serve as a warning to each and every one of us that there are countless people in this world who honestly, completely believe this bullshit. We cannot let this stuff go unchallenged.

One YouTube user in particular who challenges this type of nonsense on a regular basis is AndromedasWake. He specializes in debunking CrAP (Creationist Astronomy Propaganda). Of course, most of the stuff from creationists is crap to begin with, so AndromedasWake has lots of material to put to use.


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  1. Amazing that no religious person is willing to look at the mountain of evidence available to us. Not surprising, but amazing.

  2. Oh, yes, I found that very interesting indeed. Now, how does he know that the speed of light was 10 or 11 times what it is now? Because, then the stars would have had time to send their light to us since they were only created 6000 years ago?

    I have always wondered, on the c-decay claim, what was so powerful that it created a drag on the speed of light? What power so great could create friction on light, to break it? Gravity? A gravitational force that srtong would have other noticeable effects, wouldn’t it? I wonder if a galaxy could form in a universe with gravity, rather than being a weak force were a force strong enough to slow light?

    It seems to me to be rather inconsistent with observable data. Even with gravity being as weak as it is in the real universe that this speaker seems to be rather unfamiliar with, physicists are struggling to explain (whether through brane theory, superstrings, n-dimensional space) how to account for gravity’s pull.

    Or is there another force? Could it be, maybe, Satan?

  3. I think this is classic example of thinking outside the box of the established paradigm. The speed of light would have been faster due to it taking a ride on the expansion of dark energy in the past that resulted in compression of galaxies.

    Whether he is correct or not is beside the point, the fact is that he is pointing out that their is a faith assumption of the principle of uniformity when it comes to the looking at methods used to date the earth.

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