Oct 07 2011

My First 360° Panorama Attempt

Panoramic photos have always intrigued me. The techniques used to take such photos have changed with the introduction of high-tech digital photography and processing capabilities. I decided to try my hand at a full-range panorama.

Prairie grass near Urbana Dog Park in USA

I took 53 sets of 3 photographs each for this project. I only used the original exposure for each bracketed set to create this panorama. The additional photos can provide greater contrast range, and I may use them to create a new version of this same viewpoint.

Why did I take so many photos? My camera is a simple point-and-shoot device, and it doesn’t have a wide-angle lens. With a fisheye lens, it’s possible to create a full panorama using only four or five photographs, even without the use of a tripod. Maybe one of these days I’ll have a DSLR that I can use for things like that. I enjoy playing around with my camera, and I’m often pleasantly surprised with the results. As I often tell people, I neither claim nor imply any artistic talent. I do this sort of thing for my own enjoyment.

Any further interesting results which I derive from this type of project will be published here, as well. Check back again, and you might find more goodies here.


  1. Troythulu

    Damn! This is NICE. Good job for a first time…I’ll have to try it myself one day!

    1. Dan Johnson

      Thanks, Troy! It was definitely a learning experience. The panorama creation software that I used, Hugin, did most of the hard work on its own. There was still quite a bit of manual adjustment to be mode though, in matching up reference points between the different photographs.

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