My First 360° Panorama Attempt

Panoramic photos have always intrigued me. The techniques used to take such photos have changed with the introduction of high-tech digital photography and processing capabilities. I decided to try my hand at a full-range panorama.

Prairie grass near Urbana Dog Park in USA

I took 53 sets of 3 photographs each for this project. I only used the original exposure for each bracketed set to create this panorama. The additional photos can provide greater contrast range, and I may use them to create a new version of this same viewpoint.

Why did I take so many photos? My camera is a simple point-and-shoot device, and it doesn’t have a wide-angle lens. With a fisheye lens, it’s possible to create a full panorama using only four or five photographs, even without the use of a tripod. Maybe one of these days I’ll have a DSLR that I can use for things like that. I enjoy playing around with my camera, and I’m often pleasantly surprised with the results. As I often tell people, I neither claim nor imply any artistic talent. I do this sort of thing for my own enjoyment.

Any further interesting results which I derive from this type of project will be published here, as well. Check back again, and you might find more goodies here.


  1. Damn! This is NICE. Good job for a first time…I’ll have to try it myself one day!

    1. Thanks, Troy! It was definitely a learning experience. The panorama creation software that I used, Hugin, did most of the hard work on its own. There was still quite a bit of manual adjustment to be mode though, in matching up reference points between the different photographs.

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