Shit Stains on the Underwear of Humanity, № 1

This is the first in a series of posts regarding entities I encounter on the Internet which are egregiously ignorant, wantonly egotistical, stupendously ill-informed, and other descriptive terms I might come up with. I intend to add to the membership list as I discover new qualifying members.

G. W. Monk

This particular egotistical douchenozzle pulls this type of crap out of his ass on a regular basis:

@GreatWhiteMonk G. W. Monk @AssassinGrl @Golmer @RelUnrelated @WarriorBanker @WriterWriter Once again, silly-minded #atheists debunked by Monk! #zealots

That was what he had to say after declaring that atheism is a religion, asking a couple questions, and ignoring any answers. After engaging in such bizarre, illogical exchanges, he blogs about it at his padded cell on blogspot.

Is he for real? Is he a poe? If he’s real he understands neither the word “atheist,” nor the word “debunked.” He’s certainly a troll, but I can’t be sure whether or not he’s a poe. He’s definitely a douchenozzle, though.

He never actually debates anything, though that is what he professes to be doing. I guess he doesn’t understand that concept, either. He throws around a few terms and questions, ignores the content of any responses, then claims victory. I liken any conversation with him as being akin to playing chess against a pigeon. [It will knock over all of the pieces, shit all over the board, then fly back to its friends and proclaim its victory.]

He also goes by the name Daniel Iakobos using Twitter accounts @diakobos and @danieliakobos, and various accounts around cyberspace in general.

To engage this fool in any type of conversation is pointless. My suggested strategy in dealing with him is simply to ignore him. He’s a waste of time, and a waste of good Internet bandwidth.

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