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Fundies Say the Darndest Things! Vol. 1

Yes, it seems that fundies (fundamentalists) do say the darndest things. There is a web site by that name, Fundies Say the Darndest Things!, which I visit once in a while to remind myself that there are a lot of people in this who truly are the most bigoted, unloving, ignorant, misguided fools ever to …

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Unsolicited Insanity

The contact form here on my blog gets rather little use. Most people who have something to say will say it in post comments, or email me directly (providing they have my address). The other day I received a rather strange email which was posted from the contact form. The message was unsolicited. It was …

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Happy Halloween! – “A Diagnosis of Death” by Ambrose Bierce

For your Halloween enjoyment (or not), I present a short (8 minutes 27 seconds) audio presentation of Abrose Bierce’s short story “A Diagnosis of Death”. Click on the title below to start playback. A Diagnosis of Death by Ambrose Bierce – Read by Dan J The MP3 file is 5.8 MB in size. Feel free …

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