Fundies Say the Darndest Things! Vol. 1

Yes, it seems that fundies (fundamentalists) do say the darndest things. There is a web site by that name, Fundies Say the Darndest Things!, which I visit once in a while to remind myself that there are a lot of people in this who truly are the most bigoted, unloving, ignorant, misguided fools ever to breathe air on this planet we call home. Most of them are rather religious, calling themselves Christian or Muslim.

Reading random comments and quotes from predominantly conservative Christian web sites can be an eye-opener. When I find myself thinking that most people in the world are kind and loving, and that most people in the world care about learning the facts about the Universe that we live in, I only have to read a few quotes to remind myself of different people. There are still too many woefully ignorant, hateful people in the world. I thought that perhaps I might share a few of their quotes that happened to jump out at me.

From George Yurich at CARM (Christian Discussion Forums) on 12/27/2008:

Who knows if Obama is another Luciferian. But one thing is for certain and that is that Obama is mentally deranged and psychotic.

I guess this guy got his psychiatric degree from a Christian diploma mill.

From Gene Moody at the Demonbusters site on 5/13/2008:

When you have an operation, your spiritual armour is not in place due to anesthesia and cutting of the flesh. GOD does not want us to depend on surgery. It is the same as if you were drunk and passed out. Demons can come into the body and soul at that time.
GOD’s perfect will for you is to be delivered and healed by the Power Of God rather than to be cut on and passed out by surgery and medicine. His permissive will is for you to go to the medical profession for healing. However, you pay the spiritual consequences for using the world rather than God’s methods.
I found this out by experience with my wife, Earline. She had an operation after cutting the tip of her finger off. She lost her joy in THE LORD after sewing her finger into her palm to make a new finger tip. Win Worley and another pastor took her through deliverance in our home. When she was to have the final operation of cutting her finger out of her palm, I stayed outside of the operating room and prayed constantly to prevent this from happening again. I was not able to do this and had to take Earline through deliverance again.

Yeah, Gene; you just go on thinking about demons invading people when they have surgery.

Curtis Lowe at Topix on 6/17/2009:

[On the murder of Dr. Tiller]
Christ was a hothead. He would have offed this prick himself if he had the chance.

So much for preaching about how Jesus was all about peace and love. Don’t let this guy near guns, please.

Farmer18th at Free Republic on 7/4/2007:

Very brave guys. God bless them.
Three things: first, homosexuals lose their humanity when they succumb to this sort of depravity and become little more than animals.
Second, they needed to be treated that way. Christians should seek armed protection when they go up against animlas like this.
Third: the first amendment was meant to protect expression, not exhibition. We should pass a law that anyone who participates in a Gay pride rally should be executed, (after due process of course.)

Homophobia is rampant in the conservative Christian community. It usually doesn’t get to the point where someone calls for executions for participating in a Gay Pride parade, though.

From Allison F. Horton at FaceBook on 7/18/2007:

You have facts and I have the Bible. To me, your facts mean nothing. And no you don’t have more. And it wouldn’t matter anyways, they are meaningless.

That’s right folks; the facts mean nothing to this woman. Don’t even bother because she can’t be reached.

From TribalSolJah at POD Warrior Forum on 12/1/2003:

Thousands upon thousands of scientists are creationists, so that sorta counterballances your few, doesn’t it?

Is this a basic mathematics failure? I guess he really doesn’t understand that some numbers have a higher value than others.

From elisha042 at on 10/1/2002:

[Replying to ‘how do we find the One True Religion?’]
Use the rule of thumb God has given us. If it doesn’t line up with scripture [Holy Bible] in context, throw it out. Man made tradition is what keeps getting people in trouble.

Yes, the One True Religion™ is always your particular religion, isn’t it? And don’t get me started on your Bible™ being something other than a man-made tradition.

From Shanobeigh at on 10/19/2007:

We have 2 daughters A, who is 17 & H who is 14, both of whom have been raised in a Christian home & both accepted Jesus at the age of 5. Our 14 year old says that she now considers herself an agnostic. My husband & I are sick about this. We don’t quite know what to do. Our oldest daughter says she thinks that her sister is afraid of being made fun of @ school (this is her 1st year in high school) & is only saying she’s agnostic so no one knows she’s a practicing Christian (she still goes to youth group & listens to Christian music groups like Disciple, Dizmas, Fireflight, Red, Project 86, etc.).
Have any of you dealt with this with your own children, how did you handle it & what was the outcome? I am at a loss… if I try to force feed her, she may completely rebel & turn from God entirely. I know that our ultimate weapon as Christians is prayer & that God promises us in Acts 16:31 that he will save our entire household, but other than prayer, what, if anything should I do???

Yes, please; rely solely on prayer. That might give your daughter an opportunity to think for herself and come to her own conclusions. I don’t know what should be done about the musical influences, though. Yuck!

From KingLouie at Internet Infidels on 10/20/2005:

I’d do whatever He told me to do, if I had the courage and faith to do it.
Just to save you some writing, this would include slaughter, drinking blood, filing my teeth down to pointy fangs, and chopping off [my wife] Fisher’s head with a Guns N’ Roses C.D.

Many people who hear a voice in their head claiming to be god end up locked away in psychiatric hospitals. I see this as a good thing.

For the last entry this time, I’ve chosen one from Adam R. at Yahoo! Answers on 5/15/2008:

Evolution and the big bang theory?
all those who believe in the big bang theory answer this one question.if everything was in a ball of gas swirling and swirling then bang it gets sent all over the universe why did it stop?its space no gravity.there is no reason why it should have stoped.there were no stars to pull them in because the big bang had just as you can see if it is not possible why do you believe it and if the big bang did not happen then doesn’t that leave only one option “creatianism”
j.p. its a big explosion that can shoot stars across the shouldn’t slow down THERE IS NO GRAVITY IN SPACE.
2 years ago
let me guess they use magic tools to tell if the universe is still moving.they can’t even put a man on mars and you want to tell me the have seen the end of space and can see it growing.the only moving earth does is around the sun
2 years ago
the earth and moon have gravity there is no gravity in space god you atheist are stupid
2 years ago
wow um let me teach you guys something if the earth wasn’t there then the moon would not be there eather.if there was gravity in space everything would fall

I have no choice but to think that Adam is a young person who hasn’t had the benefit of a decent science education as of yet. He could be homeschooled by devoutly religious parents, or he may simply be one of the guys in class who doesn’t give a shit about an education because his Bible™ teaches him everything he needs to know. Adam may also be evidence of the Duning Kruger effect, in which an unskilled or uneducated person makes bad decisions based on his or her knowledge, but their own lack of understanding and knowledge makes them see themselves as highly skilled and knowledgeable.

Keep this in mind kids: If you fail to pay attention in class, and you fail to learn even the rudimentary basics of science and physics, the rest of the world will be pointing and laughing at your ideas in the same way that we’re pointing and laughing at poor Adam’s ideas. Adam himself is not at fault, nor deserving of our scorn and derision, but his erroneous ideas about science are.

Until next time, remember to keep pointing and laughing at ideas like those in the quotes above. Ridicule, scorn, and derision are wonderful tools that we can all use to marginalize religious ideas that are erroneously presented as facts.

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