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Sickness via xkcd

At least, with p

An absolutely beautiful comic from xkcd: That echoes my sentiments perfectly! h/t to CyberLizard

Cancer and Stages

When I first heard that Christopher Hitchens has cancer, I was a bit saddened. It meant that there was a higher probability that an author who I admire might write fewer words for me to enjoy. The news was a bit closer to home for me than some others because I had been diagnosed with …

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Nothing’s Gonna Change My World

As many of the people who might read this blog already know, I was recently diagnosed as having Hodgkin’s Disease, or Hodgkin Lymphoma as they prefer to call it now. That was on the 19th of May, just one month ago. I have cancer. I don’t know any way to explain how that makes me …

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Bill Moyers Talks Sense About Health Care

That’s right, President Obama: We voted for you so that you’d lead this once great nation forward. We voted for you because we believe in the high ideals you espouse. We voted for you because we know that this nation can be great once again, and help to lead the world through the twenty-first century. …

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The Bullshit Lies about Health Care Reform Have Got to Stop

It really disgusts me when I see what so-called conservative propaganda does to otherwise moral, compassionate human beings. The people who believe the propaganda are turned into raving lunatics who scream that the government needs to keep its hands out of their health care. Funny that these were many of the same people who screamed …

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