Bill Moyers Talks Sense About Health Care

That’s right, President Obama: We voted for you so that you’d lead this once great nation forward. We voted for you because we believe in the high ideals you espouse. We voted for you because we know that this nation can be great once again, and help to lead the world through the twenty-first century.

As it stands now, we’re continuing to fall behind. In this one particular issue, health care, we’re spending over one-and-a-half times the percentage of our gross domestic product when compared to other industrialized nations. Where is this money going, Mr. President? A lot of it seems to be going into the pockets of health insurance companies, health provider conglomerates, and, in the end, the coffers of many people who were elected to represent us, the people of this nation.

We will remember, sir, who promised to help us. We will remember who let us down. We will remember who profits from the compromises that have been proposed. We will remember who points their fingers at members of the other party saying that it’s their fault, while they continue to accept campaign contributions from the companies who profit from their decision to tell their constituents to either suck it up, or crawl off to die somewhere.

That’s right, Mr. President, and all the others on Capitol Hill. I’m going to hold each and every one of you personally responsible from the fucking mess that you’re perpetuating. You’re not just continuing it, either: You’re making it worse. You’re entrenching it even deeper as the status quo, and the next time it will be even tougher to dislodge the scum from the health care and health insurance industries.

And guess what: You’ll all be lined up with the scum in the minds of the people of this country. We’re not going to forget.

Oh, yeah! Bill Moyers has some really great things to say too:


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