Phidippus audax in my living room again

During the past several days, I’ve noticed a new (to me) bold jumping spider (Phidippus audax) in my living room. This one appears to be an adult, judging from its size and the fact that its markings are all white rather than a reddish-brown color.

It’s a pretty big spider. This species gets to be about 20mm in length when full grown, and this one is pretty close to that size. If it was sitting with its legs spread out on a US quarter-dollar coin, it would almost cover it.

This bold jumping spider has been wandering around the ceiling this afternoon, in search of prey. The other day it managed to catch a winged ant, which it promptly carried away for dinner. That’s why we let it hang around. I’d much rather have it patrolling the living room ceiling than to put up with more intrusive pests.

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