New 3D Models for Google Earth (I Hope)

Today I finished my fourth model for Google’s 3D Warehouse, in hopes that it will be included in Google Earth’s 3D Buildings layer. My first model was accepted (on July 12th), and now shows up in Google Earth. My next two were finished early last week, and my fourth was finished just today.

All three of these models are part of the Illinois Central Railroad Historic District, 1899 & 1924, in downtown Champaign, Illinois. The models below can be rotated in 3D after clicking on the “3D” buttons in the middle of the images. You can rotate while holding the left mouse button down on the model, and zoom in/out using a scrollwheel.

This is the Illinois Central Railroad Heating Plant, which provided heat for the passenger depot, freight depot, and other buildings used by them on the property. The building is in rather poor shape. As far as I know it hasn’t been used for anything in years.

This is a shed (or so they call it) next to the heating plant. Three such sheds are on the property, and they’re numbered #55, #58, and #59 in the historic district information. I haven’t figured out which is which yet. This building is also in rather poor shape. I think it may be used for storage, but I haven’t actually gone up to peer in the windows while taking photographs.

The model I finished today is the Illinois Central Railroad Freight Station. Though in obvious disrepair, this building is in better shape than the previous two. Still in use from time to time, it served as home to an art installation piece only a couple months ago. It’s still available for lease, both warehouse space and commercial.

My next model is probably going to be the Illinois Central Railroad Passenger Depot that was built in 1899. A newer depot was constructed in 1924, at which time the former passenger depot was used for small freight. The building is in surprisingly good shape for being 110 years old, and after years of neglect. The building itself is no longer in use, but the parking spaces surrounding it are available for lease.

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