Do You Find That Billboard Offensive?

I recently read an article entitled ‘Religion’ billboard brings debate in which metion is made of how offended people are in Birmingham, Alabama because of a billboard. The billboard was paid for by the Alabama Freethought Association, and is a part of the national campaign by the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

It seems that the group had wanted to get billboard space near Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport, but Lamar Advertising, the owners of many many billboards, wouldn’t let them have one. Why? Because they found the content offensive. Sanctimonious pricks.

The AFA were able to get a billboard from Bentley Advertising, but it’s about 10 miles east of Birmingham instead of the choice location they had wanted. A Freethought associate member in Talladega has received “ugly” and “hateful” calls about the billboard. People are even starting a petition drive to have it taken down. Hypocritical fuckwads.

In case you haven’t seen one of these billboards, here’s a photograph of one of them in Denver, Colorado:

Imagine No Religion

Of course, for all of those tender-hearted crybabies down in Alabama (and elsewhere), I had to make my own special version of said billboard. For all of you little whiny pricks; this one’s for you.

Fuck You and the Cross You Rode In On


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  1. I don’t know, I rather like the second one, but I don’t think many billboard companies would go for it…Though I think it would be really funny to get some up in Texas…They might even misunderstand and go for it in Texas…

  2. Pretty hypocritical arguments all around. If Freedom From Religion agrees with your statements then they need to look past all religious postings and get over it.

    And before you begin your separation of church and state argument try to remember that the vast majority of Americans believe in God and organized religion.

    1. And before you begin your separation of church and state argument try to remember that the vast majority of Americans believe in God and organized religion.

      Do you realize that the fact that the majority of people in this country call themselves Christian does not matter in the slightest? That’s right, your statement is completely irrelevant, and does nothing more than to highlight your ignorance of the Constitution.

    • chaosagent on 2009/12/09 at 16:00
    • Reply

    Let me guess, you were looking up “offensive anti-xtian” nonsense billboards and found this old post from back in july thinking it was new. Little slow aren’t we? Try to troll much? Didn’t read the actual post either did you? FFRF has nothing to do with the second billboard. It’s a joke. Oh wait! You can’t take a joke can you? Especially when it comes to someone saying something bad about your religion. OH NOES! I IS OPPRESSED BY HORRIBLE ATHEIST HEATHENS! HELPS ME! Fuck, if you’re so proud about “90%” of US citizens being xtian, why the fuck are you so worried about a damn billboard? Aren’t you fully entrenched in society? Why worry about a minority?

  3. For someone who calls their own self a Christian, to make hateful and ugly phone calls over a billboard is WRONG! If you dont like it, or agree, dont look at it.

    Why are you looking at a billboard when your eyes SHOULD be on the road?

    I am a believer who is on a journey (actually a crisis of faith) at this time….and Im FAR FAR from perfect, but I personally know people who claim to be a Christian who drink, smoke, do drugs, curse, cheat on their spouse……Why should we listen to their opinions on religion when they arent even practicing their own?

    Yes, religion is irrelevant.

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