A Shitty Week, and Gaming with [PROTOTYPE]

No, I haven’t posted in nearly two weeks. I don’t really have much of an excuse, either. It has been a shitty week though. Our car died (when two of four cylinders have no compression, it’s time to let the patient go). We got another car (used: I’m a cheap bastard). After filling up the gas tank and driving around a corner, the engine died. Took it to my mechanic, who was a bit stumped. He thinks the fuel pump is going out. I think filling the gas tank stirred up sediment that had formed while the car just sat in a parking lot for months. He put on a new fuel filter, and I took it home. It got me to work and back today, but it seems to idle sort of rough. Maybe it’s the O2 sensor, or maybe the EGR valve, or maybe it’s the throttle position sensor. I did put in some Lucas fuel injector cleaner and some Heet to help things along a bit. We’ll just have to see how things go. Sometime this weekend I’m going to open up the fuel filter and let the pump runs some gas out to see how clean it is.

To continue with shittiness: the weather. Here in central Illinois it’s been fucking hot! The humidity has been awful as well. Not a good time to be out walking because your car broke down. I’d much rather deal with the winter temperatures around here than with the summer temperatures. At least we might get a break on Sunday: the high should be around 85°F (30°C) instead of the 93°F to 95°F (34°C to 35°C) we’ve been having.

Other things have not been shitty. My wife beat [PROTOTYPE] yesterday evening. I’ll find some time to play more this weekend. If you haven’t seen it yet, this is an awesome game. It’s a “sandbox” game, so you can run around Manhattan and do as you please, or you can advance the stroyline by completing the missions. Plenty of side missions let you get more “evolution points” which you can spend on upgrades to your abilities. And what amazing abilities you get.


I’ll have to post a more in-depth look at this game when time allows. It is available for PS3 (our preferred gaming platform), X-BOX 360, and PC.

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