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Blasphemy Day Rebuttal to Paul Kurtz

Blasphemy Day International is already past the halfway point for me here. Don’t forget that it’s still okay to blaspheme every day, unless you happen to live in one of those places where repressive legislation has given religious ideas special privileges which trump your rights to discuss them. There was a post the day before …

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Blasphemy Day International: Can I get a Hell-Fucking-Yeah!?!?!

Ideas Don't Need Rights: People Do. The Campaign for Free Expression: Protect Dissent

Yes, dear readers, I am aware of the fact that the concept of blasphemy encompasses much more than using words that are considered offensive by some. At least the title might keep some of those with delicate sensibilities from invading my space for a few moments. Today is Blasphemy Day! Blasphemy Day International is a …

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Cheating on YouTube: HowTheWorldWorks is a fucking bitch.

Thunderf00t does a wonderful job of pointing out the flaws inherent in YouTube’s system. Watch, and enjoy. httpvh:// Yes, indeed. HowTheWorldWorks is a fucking bitch. Funny that it doesn’t surprise me in the least.

Do You Find That Billboard Offensive?

Fuck You and the Cross You Rode In On

I recently read an article entitled ‘Religion’ billboard brings debate in which metion is made of how offended people are in Birmingham, Alabama because of a billboard. The billboard was paid for by the Alabama Freethought Association, and is a part of the national campaign by the Freedom From Religion Foundation. It seems that the …

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