Day 0: Transplant Completed

Today, Day 0 of my stem cell transplant schedule, saw the return of my cells back to my bloodstream. They had been kept frozen since being harvested just a couple weeks ago. The process of warming the cells and returning them only took a bit longer than thirty minutes. There were two bags containing the cells, and it all went off with flying colors.

They gave me Benadryl intravenously prior to infusing my cells, so I took a nap after the process was complete. The doctors, nurses and technicians are all very pleased with my progress, as well as the fact that I’m feeling fine and require little in the way of assistance with anything while I’m here.

During the coming days, my white blood cell count will drop tremendously, and I will be very susceptible to any infection. I’ll have to wear a mask when I leave my room, and take other precautions as needed. Those days will probably be my worst, as far as how I feel, but I’m ready for them. I’m moving onward and upward to being free from cancer!


  1. That’s good to hear that you’ll soon be cancer-free. My father had 4 different types; he beat 3 of them. It’s really good to hear such wonderful stories. I send my best to you. Also, what an interesting process that is. Neat.

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