Can You Feel the Righteous Love?

I could probably write a blog post every day based solely on articles found on WorldNetDaily (or WingNutDaily, as it is often called). There are actually some very good reasons for why I don’t do that, though.

Spongebob SquarepantsI probably wouldn’t get much done because of the imminent facepalm involved with reading most content on WND. Note that the facepalm generally occurs only with readers who have mastered cognitive abilities greater than that of the average sea sponge. Dealing with that amount of utter stupidity on a regular basis might not be good for my mental health.

Something has changed at WND within the past couple of months. WND added Facebook’s social plugin to their site in order to allow comments from readers. When you consider the content of the standard WND posting, combined with the type of person most readily attracted to such postings, you can imagine what those comments are like.

WND Anti-Homosexual Rant Plus Community Involvement!

WND posted an article on 2011 June 4 titled Federal Reserve bank flies the rainbow flag. The article, by Bob Unruh, while vile, ignorant, and bigoted on its own, isn’t specifically the impetus for this post; the comments are.

I realize that the comments which followed that article are not representative of the majority of people in the United States. I’m also quite sure that the anti-homosexual views expressed in many of the comments are not indicative of the feelings of most Christians. I only wish to show how vile some people can be, ostensibly in the name of their religion. I’ve linked to commenters’ Facebook profiles where appropriate. They posted these views in a public forum, so they seem not to mind if people read what they think about this issue.

These are the faces of conservatism and Christianity that many of us see. They aren’t pretty.

Gimme Some of That Self-Righteousness

David L Lamon · Top Commenter
Straight Talk
Mr. Lane you can call me anything you want but you liberal hacks don’t bother me in the least. This is what people given to sin against God do because they can’t defend their sinful actions so name calling is their trump card but we true conservatives stand on the word of God and as the saying “sticks and stones” goes so do we stand firm against you and the sin you are attempting to propagate on American society and especially our very young. Homosexuality is a sin against God and he said in his word homosexuals are going to burn in the lake of fire that burns forever but prior to this happening he turns those given to this deviant sexual lifestyle over to a reprobate mind. Keep in mind this is not me judging you but God himself. Romans 1:27-28 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet. And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient. 1 Corinthians 6:9 Know yes not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind. Notice the word effeminate! I implore you to repent of this sin turn to God for deliverance. And please don’t buy into this I was born this way, God doesn’t create people this way just so he can send them to hell. Hell wasn’t created for humans but for Satan and his false prophet. Only people that are children of Satan will join him in the lake of fire. 2 Peter 3:9 The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is long suffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.
I hope everyone learns a very important lesson from this and that is when you hire homosexuals and allow them to obtain positions of authority this is what you can expect. This thing “oh well they are good people” or “I know several really good people that are homosexual” still doesn’t nullify what we are seeing and what we can further expect from people that are given to sexual lifestyle God condemns and their judgment while still in a natural state is to be given over to a reprobate mind as God calls it. He also refers to homosexuality as an abomination.
For you Christians notice Daniel gives you insight about the anti-Christ and a sign of where we are on God’s time clock of the end time. The anti-Christ is a homosexual or at the very least a bi-sexual because of his affection or lack thereof of women. Daniel 11:37 Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.

As I’ve pointed out before: Once you mention God or Bible, you’ve already lost your argument against homosexuality. Why? Because that doesn’t matter. Not everyone believes in your God. Not all who believe in your God think the same way you do. Your God and your Bible are irrelevant. End of discussion. Please take your Bible and go home.

Kurt Cleveland · College? HA! College would be a vacation for me.
And as a minority, the majority is supposed to kneel and bow down to what the minority wants? I don’t think our Founding Fathers wanted that, either. You are correct about “protections of civil government”. But not special treatment. Would a flag of the Cross be flying underneath the American Flag at the same building? I think not, and i think that the GLTB community would be OUTRAGED if it was.
The GLTB community always claims to be singled out, and persecuted for what they are. But they can persecute me, a Christian, with the media’s blessing, without recompense, and they are lauded for it.

Yes, I’m sure you’re persecuted for your belief in a Christian God. It’s probably impossible for you to marry the person you love. I’m certain you have difficulty hiding your Christianity from your employer for fear you’ll be fired because of it. I’m sure it’s terrible to be denied service at a restaurant because you’re wearing a cross around your neck. How dare you?!?!

Richard Gazan · Top Commenter · Lexington High School
Since when do people with a behaviour problem consider themselves something special. When do a minute portion of society decide they have a right to dictate to the majority. The Gay society thinks they have their foot in the door of this country with their “poor me”victimized outcry. All I see is a bunch of perverts that won’t or can’t get along with the oposite sex to allow this country to school little kids into a life of a pedofile’s dream. The next thing we as a country will have to face is the criminals will want their own flag. If you think some other country thinks along your perverted ways go there….

How many times must we go over this before it sinks in? Homosexuality is a sexual orientation. Pedophilia is a psychiatric disorder. They are completely different things. Equating them in your mind does not make it so.

Andrew Teng · 33 years old
Better homophobia than homophilia, that’s what I always say. Homophilia/homosexuality is not a human right, it is a human wrong, it is a grave sin, it is immoral, it is pure evil. Homophilia/homosexuality/sodomy is no more a right than pedophilia or terrorism. If its ok to discriminate against pedophiles and terrorists, then it is ok to discriminate against sodomites!

Brian Scott Jeffrey · Magnolia, Texas
Homo sexual people have the same basic rights as everyone else. They just don’t have the right to force us to accept their sin. You all act like you are so put out because the majority of people don’t accept you. Just like the topic of gay marriage. Marriage has always been between a man and a woman. Any gay marriage no matter even if the ceremony is performed by the Pope himself will never be legitimate. God is the one who invented marriage and he would never sanction a marriage with two guys. You gays think you are winning the hearts of people, but I guarantee you that even the ones that say they accept your life style are probably lying. It would be a like if a person was covered with human feces 24 hours a day and had no way or hope of washing it off would meet people that would say, “well you know, I really don’t even smell anything. That doesn’t bother me and people who say they are offended by the smell, well they are just mean people and don’t understand”.
You gay people can never overcome this.

God ‘invented’ marriage? Wow.

Robin Scott · Top Commenter
Mr. Lake it’s remarks like yours that are proof positive who is behind christian persecution in America and world wide.

There’s a vast, global conspiracy of homosexuals persecuting Christians all over the world. That’s what Robin seems to think, anyway.

cindylou200228 (signed in using Yahoo)
Brian! GREAT POINTS!!! Thank You!!! And, I’ll tell you the Truth, here – as well!

About 10 years ago now – I lived in Salt Lake City, Utah. Every year I would go to the Raddison Hotel near the airport to celebrate moving to Utah, okay?

The first evening was fine. Then – a deluge of homosexual men came in to the hotel together – kinda like a shriner group. They were ALL there because they’d gotten ‘inside information’ that SLC was going to be hosting the 2002 Winter Olympics – and they were buying up all the property in Park City – to make a HUGE PROFIT the following year.

In front of GOD – when the 50 or so of them walked into the hotel – the temperature of the place went down at LEAST 15 degrees!!! IT WAS IMMEDIATELY FREEZING – and having been familiar with the demonic – I packed up my bags and left the Raddison 1 day earlier than planned.

Yeah – I prayed for those rotten characters – BUT, know that I prayed for them AFTER 6 of them got into the elevator with me – and the one closest to me came within 2 inches of my face and laid his hands directly on my breasts to ‘see’ what I’d do.

I did NOTHING with the exception of speaking directly into his face and saying: “I’M NOT AFRAID OF YOU. I WILL PRAY FOR YOU.”

He and the others got off at their floor and I left for my home.

THAT is what these perverted men do – they cheat (they are allowed to cheat by the ‘system’) and they love to freak others out. Lets all Stand Our Ground and TELL THE TRUTH IN LOVE.

Bless you mightily, Brian.
Cynthia Lauren

Riiiiiiiight. Cynthia is “familiar with the demonic.” I find it simply amazing how mentally disturbed some of these people are. Being delusional is not excused by the fact that your delusions center around religious mythology.

dzzrtrock (signed in using Yahoo)
Hey terry the fruiitbar. How nice that you have an androgynous name. It fits. Let’s look at the pragmatic side: Being a homo shortens your life an average of 20 years per CDC. A huge majority of AIDS cases are among homos, along with a huge majority of Syphilis,and Gonorrhea cases even though you’re only about 2% of the population. Domestic abuse is rampant among you butt-stuffers and even more so among the dykes. Homos molest children at a rate 10 times that of heteros.( Homos account for an inordinate number of serial killers. Homos also have the opportunity of getting the underlying anxiety treated that causes them to CHOOSE to be homos treated, ( then joining the ranks of normal, non-psychotic, non-sociopathic society. ( yet rather than YOU getting your lives back on track, you DEMAND that we “celebrate” and “tolerate” your pathological psychosis.

And you wonder why the rest of us are disgusted with you? Either get psychological help to get rid of your compulsive (and repulsive) behaviors or go back in the closet and shut the hell up. We’re sick to death of listening to your BS.

That’s right; he actually typed those things. He actually believes those things are true. That’s what we get when people have no source of facts, but rely instead on the opinion of bible-thumpers. Your Bible is not a science textbook. It is a book of religious mythology. End of story. Get the fuck over it and stop lying to everyone.

Verland Gilliam · Loganville, Georgia
We who properly raise our sons and daughters don’t have to fear them doing those things that we condemn. YOU obviously have to worry about your children being homosexual or lesbian or just like you, not worth a damn for anything, so you ask your stupid questions. Grown up ass hole.

I can only hope that this man doesn’t have any children, let alone any that might be homosexual. Of course, he would probably disown any that were.

Tim Prosser · Teacher at Thomson High School
Pretty lame reply Terry, wrong is wrong, it doesnt matter how you dress it up. You are making a vain attemp to defend something that is not justifiable and in your mind are hoping to convince or convert someone to your stage of “enlightenment”. Homosexuality is a mental disease that seems to affect those with low self esteem and social disorders. Maybe you can get help, “stoning your daughters’, indeed!

This guy actually teaches at a public school in Thomson, Georgia. Reprehensible ideas like his are something I think we can do without. He’s an example of yet another disgustingly vile person influencing the bigots of tomorrow.

Emma Davidson
Terry, you are a very sick individual. Remember to Greece? Their inmoral ways finished them. Homosexuality is a sin. You don’t believe in God? Then you must be an amiba. You, sick. How many young people you had in your lifetime perverted? I know, that is the agenda your sick homos have. To convert young people in your sick ways. That is why we AIDS, to some day finish this sick culture of destruction.

Emma’s Facebook profile says that she knows English and Spanish. Judging from her comment, I’ll assume that’s not entirely true. She also says she’s a Realtor with her husband. I feel sorry for their clients.

Judith Sporrong · Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA
They say that homosexuality doesn’t hurt anybody else? That is blatantly false. Parents suffer, and I am one. When I see the rainbow flag it reminds me of the greatest pain I have ever had to endure, that of having my son announce that he is “gay.” And I have also endured the death of two sons.

Judith graduated from high school in 1959. How long did it take her to disown her gay son after she found out? If finding out that your son is gay is more painful than the deaths of two of your own children, then you’re doing something very, very wrong.

Patti Crosson Cicci · San Antonio College
This behaviour is no different than the constant attacks on Christians and Jews. EVERYONE has rights EXCEPT us. Our schools are forbidden the right to pray and yet a Bank can opt to fly the rainbow flag? I protest the flying of that flag as is MY right. When will people understand that each of us suffer at the hands of others who may not have the same beliefs. When it is okay for only certain groups. America we do indeed have a major problem. IT is called prejudice—– except now adays it only applies to illegals, Muslims, Tea Party, Conservatives, and Christians and Jews. How very sad and a sign of the evil that prevails in our once great country. Keep the FAITH and continue to fight for OUR rights. GOD BLESS AMERICA and those who fight for our freedoms.

Everyone is taking away Patti’s rights, or so she thinks. What rights would those be? Oh; the right to feel secure in belittling anyone who is different. Fuck you, Patti.

Can You Feel That Righteous Love Yet?

Yes, there are many examples of the kind, loving feelings that some Righteous Christians feel toward their fellow human beings. Are you feeling that brotherly love? Is it coming through loud and clear?

Let’s take it upon ourselves to remind these people how vile and disgusting we think their ideas are. Let’s be sure to tell them that we aren’t going to associate with people who behave in such a reprehensible manner to those that we love. Let them know that their bigotry and hatred are the true abominations.


I saved an HTML file of the comments by themselves. I converted that file to Adobe PDF, which I provide for download here. The comments are nasty. They are disgusting. They are brutal examples of the hatred present in a large segment of our population. They deserve the light of day only so that people can know that such hatred still exists. We can fight against it, and we must.

WND – Federal Reserve Flying Rainbow Flag – Comments 2.5MB PDF file


    • khan on 2011/06/07 at 19:17
    • Reply

    Just when you thought they couldn’t get any more ridiculous/disgusting…

    1. They’re always full of surprises. It’s unfortunate that they never seem to be pleasant surprises.

  1. Egads. The mind-numbing idiocy of these bigots is almost palpable. Reading through their comments, I had to sigh at their pretensions to a first-name acquaintance with the ultimate creator of the universe™.

    And as for that one poor woman’s delusions of familiarity with demons, she needs professional help, and soon, before she seriously harms herself or someone else.
    Good post, Dan.

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