#uiuctweetup at Joe’s Brewery in Champaign

There was a “Tweetup” in Champaign this afternoon, and I was very happy to attend. The #uiuctweetup was organized by @HoosierCAB, and took place at Joe’s Brewery. Though set up primarily with UIUC IT people in mind, all were definitely welcome.

#uiuctweetup 2011-04-15

#uiuctweetup 2011-04-15 No. 1

I arrived just a bit after 4:00pm, and enjoyed meeting up with the cool people that I had previously only known through their tweets.

#uiuctweetup 2011-04-15 No. 2

#uiuctweetup 2011-04-15 No. 2

We’re lucky here in Urbana-Champaign to have a very diverse, active, and friendly community, on-line and in person.

#uiuctweetup 2011-04-15 No. 3

#uiuctweetup 2011-04-15 No. 3

I’m looking forward to meeting up with these friends, and others, as the weather improves, and we have other opportunities to get together and fit the names and faces and tweets into the shapes of the real people behind them.

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