ICE Chemotherapy, Round 2

Tomorrow morning I start the first day of my second round of ICE chemotherapy. I’ll have a blood test first, to determine what my dosage of Ifosfamide will be. That sort of thing is tailored for each round that I get.

During the past week, my hair stopped growing, and my goatee began to fall out. I shaved off what was left. This was not unexpected, as all three of the chemotherapy drugs I’m getting include hair loss in their usual side effects.

As far as any other side effects, I seem to be extremely lucky in that I’ve experienced nothing more than the hair loss. I do seem to be tired, or simply sleepy, more often than not, but that isn’t really unexpected, either.

I have experienced what is commonly referred to as “chemo brain.” Basically, this is a mild cognitive impairment. I sometimes have difficulty in coming up with the word that I want to use in conversation. My memory seems to be a bit “foggy” at times. My typing seems to be a little bit off, as well. This effect is also not terribly uncommon. I deal with it.

If this is the worst that chemotherapy is going to bring to me, while it does its job of killing off cancer cells, I’m all for it! As usual, I’ll be tweeting during chemotherapy. Look for me on Twitter at @RelUnrelated. I can also post to this blog directly from my cell phone (with photos). Keep your eyes open for me tomorrow as the heavy drugs drip into my veins for several hours!


    • Narc on 2011/04/11 at 22:52
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    Good luck!

    1. Thanks, Narc! Things are going pretty damned well, so far.

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