Bill Donohue is Such an Asshat

Yes, it’s been over two fucking months since I posted something to my blog. There’s been a lot going on. I’ll cover more about that later. I still don’t even know if I’ll continue hosting this blog here, or if I’m going to end up moving it to another server where I have other sites. On to other things…

Bill Donohue is Such a Lying Fuckwad

Yeah, Bill. I just called you a lying fuckwad. You gonna whine and cry about it now, like you do everything else? Stupid lying prick. I could make posts for this blog like clockwork simply by responding to the idiocy that cretin spouts off on a regular basis from his unauthorized catholic pulpit.

Yesterday he posted a little whining diatribe titled “Atheists Stand for Nothing”. He was crying about the idea that atheists always point out and support the negative things, not positive things that the atheists want to promote.

Bill shouts and pouts about the Empire State Building refusing to light up in support of that lying despicable cunt, Mother Theresa (may her memory be tainted forever with her cruelty). “The mean and cruel atheists are trying to ruin something good and honorable. Whiiiiiiiiine.” Shut the fuck up, Bill. That building isn’t yours, and it’s not for sale.

There is also talk of the bigoted attempts of Bill and like-minded pricks to get Comedy Central to drop a show that has never even aired (J.C). You’ve never even seen the thing, you dimwitted fucktards! Give it a fucking rest. Nobody gives a shit whether or not your tender sensibilities are bruised. You’re offended? Get the fuck out of the way and shut up, then. Hold your hands over your eyes and ears and you won’t have to worry about it. Go hide in a confessional. Shut out the real world. Live in your little god’s house so the rest of us can get on with living a life that contains a sense of humor (even self-deprecating humor, Bill, though you wouldn’t recognize that either).

Firstly, Bill: Atheists are not an organization. We don’t have a president, and we don’t have any hierarchy. We just happen to be people who describe themselves as not believing in any god or gods. That’s it. Really fucking simple. Your own head has to be really fucking simple in order to misconstrue that. Oh, wait: I forgot. You do it on purpose to keep yourself in business; don’t you, you lying, hypocritical sack of shit?

Atheists as individuals do many things that are positive for their local communities as well as promoting and supporting larger enterprises that do the same on a national or global level. We’re human too, Bill. We love our families and friends, and we even experience feelings like empathy. I’d take time to explain that to you, but I don’t think it would help. Feelings like that seem to be out of the range of what people like you can experience.

In conclusion, BIll: Shut the fuck up about shit you cannot possibly understand.


  1. Missed that voice. 🙂

    1. It’s simply amazing how good that felt.

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