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The Bane That Is No More

It seems that my Evangelical Blogstalker took time today to respond to several comments on the This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things post. He left no fewer than seven responses from 10:37 to 10:50 am (Eastern Time). I’m going to take a look at them one at a time. I won’t leave any …

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This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

This is why we can't have nice things

My post of 17 November, “Won’t Someone Please Think Of The Bigots?!?!”, prompted a response from my favorite Evangelical Christian Fruitcake, zdenny. [Actually, it prompted an exchange between zdenny and several others who took turns pointing out the utter stupidity of his claims.] I have to say that zdenny responded in a way that I …

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Won’t Someone Please Think Of The Bigots?!?!

That’s right: Someone needs to think of the children bigots! Their rights are being trampled on! They’re being persecuted and repressed, and someone needs to consider their tender feelings! The religious right in general, and the Archdiocese of Washington in particular, are up in arms about the Washington DC City Council. What is the Council …

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Don’t Give Up

Once in a while, it’s good to listen to this song. The lyrics are printed below. I’ve always enjoyed Peter Gabriel’s work, from his years with Genesis to his more contemporary music. httpv://

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Fatwa Envy or the Usual Right-Wing Agenda?

This morning I saw an article on [Yes, I should know better than to frequent such places.] that made me wonder whether the author was exhibiting true Fatwa Envy, or if he was simply spouting the usual right-wing agenda. The author, Steve Kellmeyer, is Catholic. He’s written several books that (I’m assuming) appeal to …

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More Godless Billboards Yield More Religious Reaction

The national campaign by the United Coalition of Reason to promote greater awareness in the general public has met with varied responses. Billboards with messages such as “Are you good without God? Millions are.” and “Don’t believe in God? You are not alone.” have been sponsored by local coalitions in several areas. The San Diego …

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The Soviet Union Crumbled Because of Christianity?!!?!

I saw a piece in The Guardian this morning that actually made me laugh. When I realized the author was serious, I laughed even harder. I am not a lecturer in politics in the University of Kent at Canterbury, nor a research fellow at the Luxembourg Institute for European and International Studies. I am not …

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Alabama High School Prom Plus Lesbian Equals No Prom?

Some bigots simply need to be taken out behind the woodshed and soundly beaten about the head with a clue-by-four. It seems that the principal of Tharptown High School in Russellville, Alabama, Gary Odom, is offended that at least one of his students is a lesbian, and she intends to bring her girlfriend to the …

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A Thanksgiving Story: What Would Jesus Tweet?

Chirp01a from Tell us about your Christian Beliefs. Your user name says you are a Liberal Christian. Why?

I was recently made aware of a web site which claims to be “The Christian Alternative to Twitter”. Isn’t that just darling?!?! It really isn’t surprising, what with events like the “no god” debacle on Twitter. The ‘Pilgrims’ Because it is November (the month of the US Thanksgiving holiday), and because I’m witnessing a group …

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I am an Atheist, But am I Anti-Religious?

I’m guessing that any of you who have read my previous posts regarding atheism or religion probably don’t need any clues as to the answer to the posed question. There are those who do ask me, occasionally, whether or not I am anti-religious, in addition to being an atheist.

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