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Blasphemy Day Rebuttal to Paul Kurtz

Blasphemy Day International is already past the halfway point for me here. Don’t forget that it’s still okay to blaspheme every day, unless you happen to live in one of those places where repressive legislation has given religious ideas special privileges which trump your rights to discuss them. There was a post the day before …

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Blasphemy Day International: Can I get a Hell-Fucking-Yeah!?!?!

Ideas Don't Need Rights: People Do. The Campaign for Free Expression: Protect Dissent

Yes, dear readers, I am aware of the fact that the concept of blasphemy encompasses much more than using words that are considered offensive by some. At least the title might keep some of those with delicate sensibilities from invading my space for a few moments. Today is Blasphemy Day! Blasphemy Day International is a …

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For Several Reasons: Jonathan Edwards – Nova Scotia

When I was growing up in the mid 1970s, I listened to a lot of music. A great deal of that music either belonged to, or used to belong to, my older brothers. As their musical tastes were rather diverse, so were my own. Jonathan Edwards is one of the artists who sticks in my …

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Sarah McLachlan’s Possession: Simply Awesome

There are a couple studio versions of this particular song, and several live versions. This live version is, without a doubt, my favorite. The raw emotion she displays while singing and playing this song is simply awe-inspiring. One other bit that really makes me enjoy it even more is when she describes the song in …

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Cheating on YouTube: HowTheWorldWorks is a fucking bitch.

Thunderf00t does a wonderful job of pointing out the flaws inherent in YouTube’s system. Watch, and enjoy. httpvh:// Yes, indeed. HowTheWorldWorks is a fucking bitch. Funny that it doesn’t surprise me in the least.

Is Bill Donohue Simply Misinformed, Or Is He a Liar

The Catholic League published an item on their web site today, entitled Blasphemy Day Targets Christianity. Their title alone is rather disingenuous. Here’s what the Center for Inquiry web site has to say about Blasphemy Day International: Blasphemy Day International takes place every September 30th to commemorate the publishing of the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons. Blasphemy …

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Some Representatives Deserve Applause

Representative Alan Grayson is the Democratic Congressman in Florida’s 8th congressional district. He defeated four-term incumbent Republican Ric Keller in the 2008 congressional election, for which he already deserves some applause. Representative Grayson graduated from Harvard College, received his law degree from Harvard Law School, and received his Master of Public Policy degree from Harvard’s …

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Indignation In This Nation: California’s Crusader

I recently learned of a group calling themselves “We the People, California’s Crusader.” [If it’s “We”, shouldn’t it be “Crusaders”? I’m just askin’.] They seem to be yet another group of right-wing hatemongers. What brought them to my attention was a link to an article on the web site of “The San Bernardino Sun“. I’m …

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Antisocial Networking

I am fucking annoyed. I shouldn’t be, but I am. It’s only a fucking game. But games are supposed to be fun, not annoying. What game is it? It should suffice to say that it’s one of those silly Flash™-based games on Facebook™, a “social networking” site that most of you are probably familiar with. …

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Sometimes the Journalists are Tediously Stupid

Okay, so maybe he’s not stupid, but at the very least he’s disingenuous. My personal opinion is that he’s a bit of a prick as well, but that’s just my opinion. The journalist in question is one Ed West, a “journalist and social commentator who specialises in politics, religion and low culture.” The Telegraph recently …

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