This is Going to be Good

Sometime in the next several days I hope to acquire a copy of “Unscientific America: How Scientific Illiteracy Threatens our Future” for the purpose of providing a full review. As I’m not high on any publisher’s (or author’s) list of persons who should receive a review copy, I’ll have to stroll over to my local bookseller to purchase it.

Until that time, dear reader, might I point you to a review of said book by one PZ Myers, where the comments have been rather entertaining. Chris Mooney’s response to Professor Myers’ review is also a good read, specifically the comments. One word of warning, however, for those who have a wish for the law of gravity to be reversed for at least one person on this planet: John Kwok is there.

As you might be aware, I’ve taken Chris’s idea of accommodation to task on a couple of my own blog posts. I certainly don’t think that I will agree with the proposals in his and Sheril’s book, but I promise that I will, indeed, be fair and honest in my appraisal. Unfortunately, I’m also rather certain that my use of language will not meet with Chris’s approval.

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