O, Hai Internets!

Welcome to Relatively Unrelated! I’ve just gotten things started with my WordPress installation, installing related plugins, etc., so there isn’t much here yet. I’ll be transferring a couple posts here later today from my temporary blog location.

My apologies for not having a good theme set up yet, but that’s what this weekend is for. Check back again next week to (hopefully!) see all new shiny goodness!


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  1. Nice digs. WordPress is just so much better than Movable Type it’s not even funny any more. I know Movable Type’s been around way longer, but still.

    I think I really like that blogroll-shows-latest-post thing that I’ve seen on Blogger, and was wondering if there was a WordPress plugin to do it or if I was going to have to hack things up myself. I’m only slightly disappointed to see that one exists. Considering installing it on my own site now.

  2. Almost forgot… Threaded comments: That’s something that I really wish they had at ScienceBlogs when there are dozens or hundreds of comments on a post.

    1. I’m always writing HTML and CSS, but I’m almost always doing it for someone else, and I’m never really doing it for fun. And yes, I do find coding HTML and CSS fun a lot of the time. I am truly a geek.

  3. And here I got all excited, then I discovered you don’t have a fucking theme. I…I just don’t know…I like you and all, but without a theme…

    Oh fuck it, I’ll link to you anyways…

  4. BTW, you both suck – Blogger fucking RULES!!!1!11!!!! Even when it pisses me off, I just think – it’s ok, it’s google and I do everything google. And when google does something that pisses me off, I just think – fuck it, everything I do is google.

  5. I really hope you don’t mind foul language, now that I think of it….

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