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Jun 26 2015

Marriage Equality!

Liberty and Justice

It’s official!! President Obama looking at Fox News like… — Xavier (@Rev_Xavier) June 26, 2015 Dang, universal healthcare AND gay marriage in America by 2015 — Ryan Broderick (@broderick) June 26, 2015 Fox News and the Neocons* so silly… [*Dibs on band name!] — Dan J (@RelUnrelated) June 26, 2015 Anti-SSM peeps: …

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Dec 31 2014

Why Do These Guys Get A Free Pass?

It certainly isn’t the first time I’ve seen a headline like this: Seating Dispute Delays Another Flight to Israel If these had been Muslim men refusing to sit next to women, they would most likely have been held at gunpoint by the TSA until the FBI arrived to take them into custody. If they had …

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Nov 21 2013

Doing and Being

I’ve not blogged in quite a long while. It’s not due to any lack of things I want to write about, certainly. Every day brings something that catches my attention enough that I want to express my thoughts about it. I even start writing posts once in a while, but the drafts never seem to …

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Jun 07 2011

Cool Abstract Backgrounds

Fractal image generated by qosmic

It’s great when I have a relevant photograph or other image to use as a header background for a post. Sometimes I really don’t have anything appropriate, though. Abstract images are a great substitute for relevance. I’m not really a big fan of abstract art. I’m not much of an artist, either, when it comes …

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May 30 2011

Listen to “Packard Pokes At”

For the past several weeks, I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of a podcast called “Packard Pokes At.” It’s a weekly podcast that covers news, politics, and religion. Each show is about an hour in length. We record the show on Friday evenings at 9:00pm central time. The show is broadcast live on …

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Feb 27 2011

I Like My Macchinetta

I didn’t like coffee until I was in my mid-twenties. I loved the aroma, but simply hadn’t developed a taste for it. One of my co-workers at the time was an avid coffee drinker (and former police officer). He worked diligently at getting me to drink coffee, and eventually succeeded. I’ve always been a fan …

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Jan 04 2011

The Sleepy City

sleepycity - best of

sleepycity — Here there be adventures and travels the likes of which you’ve probably never seen. I am in awe of the guys who do this sort of thing. Here’s a snap from their “Best of” page: They go places and see things most of us are completely unaware of. Luckily, they also document their …

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Nov 07 2010

Can’t take a joke? Confirmation bias too strong?

Stand aside... Serious Business!

I read a blog post today. It was one of several that I took time to look at. This post in particular was made by someone who was angry about something they saw on the Internet. What was it they saw? They read an article from The Onion. For those of you not familiar with …

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Jun 24 2010

North Korea Seeks Trillions in Compensation from U.S.

North Korea has demanded that the United States must pay nearly $65,000,000,000,000 (That’s sixty-five trillion dollars!) as compensation for what they regard as sixty years of hostility against them. See the following news articles: North Korea Figures It May As Well Ask the United States for $65 Trillion and See What Happens — New York …

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Apr 09 2010

A Bunch of Random Shit, vol. I

Victorian computer command center organ cockpit desk thingy

My friend Jason refers to his own ‘random stuff’ posts (which I intend to mimic here) as RCIMT, or “Random Crap In My Tabs”. Most of what I intend to put into this post is from tabs currently open in one of my browsers. Some of those tabs have been open for weeks, waiting for …

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