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This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

This is why we can't have nice things

My post of 17 November, “Won’t Someone Please Think Of The Bigots?!?!”, prompted a response from my favorite Evangelical Christian Fruitcake, zdenny. [Actually, it prompted an exchange between zdenny and several others who took turns pointing out the utter stupidity of his claims.] I have to say that zdenny responded in a way that I …

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Won’t Someone Please Think Of The Bigots?!?!

That’s right: Someone needs to think of the children bigots! Their rights are being trampled on! They’re being persecuted and repressed, and someone needs to consider their tender feelings! The religious right in general, and the Archdiocese of Washington in particular, are up in arms about the Washington DC City Council. What is the Council …

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Fatwa Envy or the Usual Right-Wing Agenda?

This morning I saw an article on RenewAmerica.com [Yes, I should know better than to frequent such places.] that made me wonder whether the author was exhibiting true Fatwa Envy, or if he was simply spouting the usual right-wing agenda. The author, Steve Kellmeyer, is Catholic. He’s written several books that (I’m assuming) appeal to …

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The Soviet Union Crumbled Because of Christianity?!!?!

I saw a piece in The Guardian this morning that actually made me laugh. When I realized the author was serious, I laughed even harder. I am not a lecturer in politics in the University of Kent at Canterbury, nor a research fellow at the Luxembourg Institute for European and International Studies. I am not …

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Alabama High School Prom Plus Lesbian Equals No Prom?

Some bigots simply need to be taken out behind the woodshed and soundly beaten about the head with a clue-by-four. It seems that the principal of Tharptown High School in Russellville, Alabama, Gary Odom, is offended that at least one of his students is a lesbian, and she intends to bring her girlfriend to the …

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What is Biological Evolution? (and Why do Creationists Not Understand the Answer?)

When I engage in conversations with creationists regarding the Theory of Evolution, I nearly always encounter the same problem: They don’t know what evolution is. They frequently to refer to evolution as ‘Darwinism’. In this context, evolution refers to biological evolution. I am not a biologist. I do, however, know how to find information and …

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Your Religion Is Not Science!

I get so utterly sick of living on a planet inhabited by hordes of ignorant religious creationist fucktwits. It would be so much more tolerable if they would keep their bullshit within their churches, among the faithful. Instead, they feel compelled by the words of their fucktwit leaders to proselytize the hell out of anyone …

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Simply Mention “no god” and Some People Really Get Upset

Between the ‘no god’ escapades on Twitter (on 20 October) and the varied responses to godless signs and billboards in New York and Chicago, I found quite a bit of entertainment last week. On Twitter, many thousands of religious people were upset that the phrase ‘no god’ was the number one ‘trending topic’ for several …

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Bill O’Reilly is Still Proud of His Ignorance

In a brief pre-recorded interview, Richard Dawkins exhibits little patience for the blow-hard O’Reilly. If it had been me, I’m certain I would have exhibited much less patience. O’Reilly exhibits his complete ignorance of anything to do with science. It is unusual for O’Reilly to have a prerecorded interview rather than doing it live. Dawkins …

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Blasphemy Day International: Can I get a Hell-Fucking-Yeah!?!?!

Ideas Don't Need Rights: People Do. The Campaign for Free Expression: Protect Dissent

Yes, dear readers, I am aware of the fact that the concept of blasphemy encompasses much more than using words that are considered offensive by some. At least the title might keep some of those with delicate sensibilities from invading my space for a few moments. Today is Blasphemy Day! Blasphemy Day International is a …

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