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Spanking the Biblical Literalists… Again

Another comment from zdenny has come up that is so amazingly full of misinterpretations, disinformation, irony, misinformation, foolishness, and utter bullshit that I decided to make my response into its own post rather than another reply in the comments. Dan said, “But you’re an expert on that, Denny, you believe countless things that have absolutely …

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Why Nearby Planetary Systems Could Mistake Earth for a Supernova

Yes, I think that it just might happen. You might be asking yourselves how it could be possible that the inhabitants of any planetary system nearby (relatively speaking) could ever mistake our planet for a supernova. A supernova is a stellar explosion which can occur at the end of a star’s life if triggered by …

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Need any more reasons to keep religion out of politics?

Just in case you haven’t yet been convinced that the most fervent followers of Christ in the United States, those zealots that call themselves fundamentalists or evangelicals, are doing everything within their power to move our country further toward a theocracy, Jacques Chirac drops a little inside dope about former President George W. Bush. In …

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Stuff like this is why we can never give up.

This video should serve as a warning to each and every one of us that there are countless people in this world who honestly, completely believe this bullshit. We cannot let this stuff go unchallenged. One YouTube user in particular who challenges this type of nonsense on a regular basis is AndromedasWake. He specializes in …

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Why can’t some Christians understand the concept of “Burden of Proof”?

Burden of Proof. You’ve seen that phrase before, I’m sure. It can be used in different ways, depending on the context. If you happen to be discussing a legal case in the United States, it has a particular meaning. However, in this case I’d like to discuss the term in the context of logical arguments, …

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